An Open Letter to Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Dear Senator Sinema,

I’ve admired you since we worked together at the Center for Progressive Leadership in Milwaukee in 2011-13. I was a faculty coach, and you were one of our most brilliant and inspiring trainers. When I asked you what you would say to people who don’t want to participate in electoral politics because of corruption, you said we should do everything we can to gain political power, so that when we get it, we can use it to benefit those who have none.

May you find the courage and support you need to act on your own words of a decade ago. For too long our country has been on a path of destruction: Exploiting those who have little to enrich those who have plenty, ignoring the warnings of scientists about the catastrophic environmental impacts of our way of life, and allowing misinformation and polarization to undermine our democracy. This is a historic moment when we can begin to turn things around, with the budget reconciliation process.

So many provisions in the bill are desperately needed, and I want to give you a stark example I’ve witnessed. I am stepmom to two adults with disabilities and I see the system of caregiving in this country failing. It is currently impossible to hire enough caregivers. Just this week, a friend called in desperation to ask if her loved one could temporarily move in with my stepson to be supported by our residential care agency, because none of the agencies in town are accepting new clients. Sadly, there are no resources available for my friend’s family and others across the country. Only the Better Care Better Jobs Act can fix this, by increasing Medicaid matching funds for home and community-based services.

Kyrsten, I have watched your political career and supported it financially at times despite Wisconsin being my primary focus. I’ve cheered for you and defended you against recent attacks. I tell people you are one of the smartest and most deeply caring individuals I have ever met. Now is the time when I hope you will prove me right. Please use your power to help those who have none, and to make sure our democracy and our species survive. Thank you.


Rebecca S. Krantz, PhD, Madison WI

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Senator Kyrsten Sinema”

  1. Barbara Streibel

    Thank you so much for writing this clear compassionate letter to Kyrsten Sinema. I so hope it helps her find her way ‘home’ to the values she once championed.

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