Scribing From the Well

Latest Blog Posts from Rebecca S. Krantz

Slow steady burn
I. Slow, steady flame warm golden glow softening honey-scented beeswax. Dripping oozing pooling hardening. Attaching carved metal votive holder to the wood of the altar. Claiming...
She wrote
At a writing retreat with Miriam Hall last week, this flowed out during a 15-minute free-write, in response to something another participant had read aloud. She wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote...
Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah, B-Mitzvah, Re-Mitzvah: On Reclaiming Singing and Faith
Those of you who know me well know I grew up believing I couldn’t sing. In general, as a child I was encouraged to focus on areas where I could excel. If you couldn’t do something spectacularly well, why...
If I were (like) you: Some reflections on vaccine hesitancy
Vaccine hesitancy is a hot topic lately. I’ve been listening to people vent about how the willfully unvaccinated are making ill-informed decisions that are putting themselves and others at risk. While...

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