Rebecca S. Krantz

Kites in sky over San Francisco Bay, empty bench in foreground.

Traveling in Time  

Whew, I’m back in Madison after another trip. I’ve been away seven out of the last seventeen weeks and have been disoriented about the month and season as a result. This latest trip was to Berkeley CA, to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary. A family reunion of sorts, with all of my …

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Rocky shoreline with blue sky, small waves, and smokestacks in distance.

On Kindness and Letting Go

I’ve been through a lot of letting go. I let go of the partner I lived with back when I wrote that personal essay, and the house we owned together. I let go of being able to conceive a child. I let go of the illusion of safety and control when my mother was killed by a drunk driver in 2006. I let go of my breasts when I had cancer in 2015. I let go of the myth of meritocracy as I learned how privilege shapes my life. I’m working to let go of the climate-as-we-knew-it.

Going Public

Welcome to my amazing new website design! I am so grateful to the incomparable Kimberly Cho of Half Cup Studio for creating it. The logo and the look of the site feel so resonant for me, giving me a boost, like a good mantra or mission statement does. A felt sense of clarity about what I’m about as …

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Coming Out, Coming Home, Coming Soon?

Exciting News! A draft version of the first chapter of my novel, Rooting for Time, just won an honorable mention in the Chicago Writers’ Association First Chapter Contest! I will be reading aloud from that first chapter tomorrow night, 12.2.2022, at the Driftless Writing Center‘s Online Open Mic. Together, these two things feel like a …

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Slow steady burn

I. Slow, steady flame warm golden glow softening honey-scented beeswax. Dripping oozing pooling hardening. Attaching carved metal votive holder to the wood of the altar. Claiming the territory, staking the past configuration to the next. Perhaps awaiting conflagration. II. Is that what’s coming? Conflagration? Certainly in the dry forests of the Pacific Northwest. Then there’s …

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