Beginnings and Endings, Dying and Living

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If you came here from today’s entry “Endings and Beginnings, Living and Dying”on my old blog site, you will be happy to learn that I did spend a couple of hours in my basement today, labeling a bunch of boxes (e.g.: “Becca – files – 1990s and early 2000s”), and actually recycling about 3 boxes worth of old papers. (For those of you who know me well, this is remarkable — I’m generally loathe to throw things away, since they might be important someday…!)

And, finally, in the 2nd-to-last box I looked in, I found my book of poems written beginning in 1978 when I was 11.  And, on the very first page, the full poem inspired by my “Aunt Estelle,” written in an early, flowery version of my script:

The Tombstone

Rest in peace, beloved one,
Who lies beneath the grass.
With one small stone,
And a dried bouquet,
To mark the sacred place.

Rest in peace, beloved one,
For all eternity
For your soul lives on
In all your loved one’s hearts.

Rest in peace, beloved one,
And nevermore do cry
You’ve made your mark
Upon the world
And your soul shall never die.

7 thoughts on “Beginnings and Endings, Dying and Living”

  1. Margaret Alexander

    That’s an amazing poem for an 11 year old! Although, of course, we already knew you were amazing.

    I’m so glad you searched and found your first book of poems!!!

    Now, how do i sign up,for your new blog????

  2. Wonderful and you have inspired me to clean and downsize ! Hugs and hope your doing well. Thanks again for your call before my surgery. I am doing pretty good. Donna Winter.

  3. Thanks Becca, for all of your writings over the past months. I’m impressed, grateful and amazed by your 1978 poem.

  4. Beautiful poem Becca -your 11 year old self was already a wise soul -thank you for sharing this. I so look forward to reading more in your new blog (is opening this automatically lead to being signed up for it??) about all of life -beginnings and endings -so many cycles to our beings. Ann

  5. What a wonderful poem! I can just picture you at 11 writing that.

    I also really liked the idea from the first entry (before the switchover) about how, while we don’t know the future, we can still live with intention. I find that very inspirational.

    Finally, Simchat Torah, my birthday, is truly a time of endings and beginnings, as we read the last chapter of the torah and then immediate go to the beginning and start reading all over again. How many times do we read the torah and find something new that we never saw or thought of before? How many times do we find something new in a place we’ve visited many times before with our eyes, our minds, or our hearts?

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