It’s a Three Ring Tango

Regular readers may recall that a few months after my bilateral mastectomy, I took up trapeze. It’s been a joyful and empowering way to build my strength, stamina, calluses, and confidence. I was part of a small performance earlier this year, and a story about the Madison Circus Space that featured me talking about trapeze as part of my breast cancer recovery was aired on the radio recently. This week I’ve got two small parts in a piece in Cycropia’s outdoor performances at the Orton Park Festival Thursday 7:30pm and Friday 8:30pm!!!  “Three Ring Tango” is the title of our piece — a title that was my idea!! :).  Come join the fun if you’re in town — most of the other dancers are much more experienced than me so it will be quite spectacular.  You have to come pretty early to get a good spot on the lawn!

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